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We deliver prescription healthcare products and innovative solutions that fulfil the needs of patients and prescribers, whilst bringing value to healthcare systems in Europe.


Women's Health

Womens Health

Ballerine® IUB

Blissel® vaginal gel

Estrena® geeli 1mg/g

Evorel® range

Zoely® 2.5mg/1.5mg film-coated tablets

Endocrinology Portfolio


Actonel® range

Alkindi® granules in capsules for opening

Altavita® D3 range

Benferol® range

Bencium® range

Cadelius® 600mg / 1,000 IU orodispersible tablets

Calci-D® 1000 mg / 1000 IU chewable tablets

Efmody® modified-release capsule, hard

InVita® D3 range

Livogiva® 20 micrograms/80 microliters solution for injection in pre-filled pen

Mysimba® 8mg/90mg prolonged-release tablets

Optinate® range


Anagrelide Capsules

Ciprofloxacin / Dexamethasone

Fosfomycin Oral Solution

Melatonin Consilient Health

Tamsulosin Consilient Health

Anastrozole Tablets

Colecalciferol Tablets

Ibandronic Acid Tablets

Prednisolone Oral Solution

Belvo GR Tablets

Eplerenone Tablets

Ivabradine Tablets

Sevelamer Powder Sachets

Cilostazol Tablets

Exemestane Tablets

Levocetirizine Tablets

Sevelamer Tablets



elmiron® 100mg hard Capsule

Mictonorm® range

Mictonet® 5mg

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Code No: CORP-CH-371(5)
Date of Preparation: May 2023