Consilient Health embraces Government Kickstart scheme as part of its digital transformation process

Consilient Health has partnered with a digital transformation consultancy to help develop a clear digital strategy and roadmap for the future.

Working with Jitesh Halai, Director of Vipra Technology and digital transformation expert, the digital transformation programme will also support the three pillars of Consilient Health’s sustainability strategy: Being a Responsible Business, Being a Competitive Business and Being a People Business.

One of the areas supporting Consilient Health’s goal of ‘Being a People Business’ is by joining a Government programme that helps young people gain essential work experience and enables them to secure their first job.

The Government’s Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create jobs for 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit.

“The scheme is excellent for businesses and participants; it enables companies to give back to the community by supporting individuals who need experience and a leg-up to secure that first critical role,” explains Jitesh. “The Government funding also enables companies to provide cost-effective training and it is likely that the individual will end up staying with the company.”

By partnering with Jitesh and the team at Vipra Technology, Consilient Health employed two employees from the Kickstart Scheme, who both brought a fresh perspective to the business, benefitting existing employees, partners and customers. A third employee from the Kickstart Scheme has also recently joined the business, following the success of the programme.

Emmanuel Larbi joined Consilient Health as a Junior Project Manager, following signing up to the Kickstart Scheme after it was recommended to him by his Work Coach at the Job Centre. His role involves planning and organising project development to coincide with the needs and requirements of clients.

“The Kickstart scheme has given me the opportunity to attain valuable experience in a field that I enjoy, and allowed me to identify my strengths,” says Emmanuel. “Since working in my role, I have learned the value of clarity and asking the right questions.”

“Working with Jitesh and the team at Consilient Health has been great. They have been really understanding of the need for constant feedback and have been eager to get involved in each stage of the production process.”

After finishing her MA in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fatema Haidar also found out about the Kickstart Scheme via her Work Coach at the Job Centre. Through the programme, she was offered a job as a Junior UX Designer at Consilient Health.

“The Kickstart Scheme gave me an opportunity which I felt, under the given circumstances, was extremely difficult to get on my own,” explains Fatema. “I wanted to start somewhere from square one and make my way up – that way I can apply what I already know while also having more space to learn.”

“The experience has been nothing short of amazing for me. I’ve had so many opportunities to learn and grow; I’m heard. The team at Consilient Health have been willing to get involved in every part of the process; from design to discussions, answering every little question, and testing. This collaboration has allowed us to achieve the best results.”

What advice would Emmanuel and Fatema offer to other young people looking to get involved in the Kickstart Scheme?

“Search for a role that offers you valuable experience in a field you want to establish yourself in. Learn as much as you can and make sure you ask for feedback and constructive criticism so you can hone your skills in the role,” says Emmanuel.

“Go in there with an open mind,” urges Fatema. “Be prepared to do things out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Eventually it’ll all be worth it.”

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