Donations and Grants may be provided by pharmaceutical companies, as outlined in the Association for the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Donations and Grants are funds, benefits in-kind or services that are given for the purpose of supporting healthcare, scientific research or education, with no obligation for the recipient organisation or institution to provide goods or services to the benefit of the Pharmaceutical company in return.

Consilient Health will only provide Donations and Grants if they meet the requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice. They will only be provided if they do not constitute an inducement to recommend and/or prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer specific medicines. They must not bear the name of any medicine but may bear the name of the company providing the support, whilst being outside the operational control of the company.

The provision of retrospective Donations and Grants or Donations and Grants to individuals is prohibited.