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Therapeutic Areas

We choose products where there is clear differentiation and an unmet clinical need.

As an independent, privately-held and profitable business, we can make decisions quickly. We have the resources and capabilities to explore innovative solutions to meet the needs of patients, prescribers, payers and partners alike. We offer a focused and committed approach and our abilities have been demonstrated through multiple product launches with various partners, in differing regulatory environments.Thanks to a strong balance sheet and a commercial focus, our business is able to invest in long-term collaborations and partnerships to expand our portfolio of products and to support our partners’ needs.

Our team has extensive experience working across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Our current portfolio includes a wide range of products in three main therapeutic areas: women’s health, urology and endocrinology.

Women's Health


The menopause is a natural part of ageing that usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age. It can occur earlier, sometimes related to gynaecological surgery or cancer treatment for example.

Women may suffer from one or more of a range of symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex, reduced sex drive (libido), difficulty sleeping, low mood, anxiety and problems with memory or concentration. Some women have no symptoms or only very mild ones.

Other women have symptoms that trouble them and visiting a doctor to discuss options is recommended. Consilient Health offers a range of hormone replacement therapy (HRT treatments) that are designed to suit different women.

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Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS) or Interstitial Cystitis

Bladder pain syndrome (BPS) is also known as interstitial cystitis. BPS is an uncommon but debilitating condition, most commonly presenting in women, generally in their 40’s.

In Europe, treatment options have been limited to unlicensed medicines that are non-specific e.g. analgesia and tricyclic antidepressants. There are also medical devices such as bladder instillations that can be painful for the patient and require hospital admission and its associated costs.

Consilient Health are proud to offer patients a treatment option for this painful condition.

Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) is a common condition that can affect patients’ lives significantly.  Patients typically suffer from urgency and frequency of urination as well as nocturia (needing to urinate at night).  Sometimes urge incontinence (leaking when they feel the urge to urinate) is a feature.

Some people may feel embarrassed to talk to their doctor, however there are a range of effective treatments and Consilient Health are pleased to offer options for these patients.

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Diseases of Cortisol Deficiency

Diseases of Cortisol Deficiency are rare in children. 

They can occur when the adrenal glands do not produce adequate amounts of steroid hormones, primarily cortisol, but there are also other causes.

Treatment options for children in Europe have mainly used adult formulations of medicines which may not be very easy for children to take, or parents and carers to manage.

Consilient Health are proud to be able to offer young patients a treatment option for this potentially life-threatening condition.

Bone Health

Our Bone Health portfolio includes a growing number of vitamin D3 (colecalciferol) prescription medicines. 

We recognised that the bone health market has unmet needs with a lack of dose and formulation choices for healthcare professionals and their patients. We are proud to offer a broad range of medicines which gives patients and healthcare professionals a choice of options to suit their medical needs and personal preferences.

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We work with a broad range of pharmaceutical companies to develop and licence generic products for the UK market.

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