Our Vision

Consilient Health’s expertise, innovation and insight ensure we identify meaningful clinical solutions and establish access for patients throughout Europe and the Middle East.


How We Work

We are insightful and innovative commercialisation experts for Europe and the Middle East. Our capabilities include regulatory affairs through to market access, supply chain, distribution, marketing and sales, all underpinned by quality and compliance.

Our partners typically develop and manufacture medicines and innovative healthcare solutions but lack a physical presence, know-how or desire to commercialise them in Europe and the Middle East. Consilient Health’s capabilities enable these companies to increase their geographic reach and optimise revenue whilst minimising risk.

As a medium-sized pharma company who do not research, develop or manufacture medicines, our experienced management team focuses on our partners’ products and brands. We deliver innovative marketing solutions based on strategic insight and local knowledge to effectively market and sell the product. We believe in transparent communication to ensure long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


Our Values


We work collaboratively and recognise the strength of individuals. We empower people with the relevant experience, opinions and ideas to lead the team and optimise results.

Working in partnership

We foster mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners, both business and healthcare. We define expectations and operate with fairness and integrity. Our communication is timely, transparent and understandable.

Working smart

We seek deep insight and understanding to deliver better outcomes. Our decision-making process is robust and nimble, so we execute quickly and effectively to deliver success for all parties.