Consilient Health anticipates COP26

Consilient Health eagerly anticipates the climate summit COP26 in Glasgow. We believe this to be a crucial and momentous event which will not only impact the planet, but all of humanity over the next few years, and decades. Assessing and reducing our carbon footprint is a key focus in the implementation of Consilient Health’s sustainability strategy. We are proud to thereby support the emission reduction goals of the countries’ governments where Consilient Health operates, and particularly the UK’s NHS net-zero goal. We are communicating our values, efforts and expectations along the supply chain and are working with our business partners to reduce our environmental impact. Equally, led by our sustainability team, our staff are actively engaged in our environmental initiatives and offered trainings to continuously improve the way we operate. Our ambition and work are guided by our external advisor Paolo Taticchi, Professor at University College London, world-leading sustainability expert.

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