Consilient Health helps Ireland-based charity to promote empathy and compassion within young people

Consilient Health has made a financial contribution to non-profit organisation, Narrative 4 Ireland, to help train several teachers within Dublin to roll out its empathy education programme.

Originally established in the United States back in 2012, Narrative 4 expanded to deliver its programme in Ireland in 2016. The organisation aims to unite young people from diverse backgrounds, helping them to develop empathy, compassion and connection. The goal of the programme and its facilitators is to get young people out of their comfort zones and address core problems, such as bullying and poor mental health.

Narrative 4 Ireland has big goals over the next year. They currently have a presence in 35% of schools across Ireland; in 2022 they want to increase this coverage to 50%.

Our donation will fund the training of 10 teachers to deliver Narrative 4’s programme in disadvantaged schools in Dublin to children aged between 11-14. As part of this training, they’ll undertake four separate modules, as well as online CPD.

Karen Pulley, Sustainability Champion for Consilient Health says:

“Narrative 4 is having a positive impact on thousands of young people in Ireland. Consilient Health is delighted to support this initiative by funding the training of teachers to help teach pupils the essential skills of empathy and compassion.”

Dr James Lawlor, Director of Narrative 4 Ireland says:

“Consilient Health’s generous donation will help us on our mission to expand our presence in Ireland during 2022. It will help us continue to create space for young people to connect and share their own stories and those of their classmates and others. This helps them to see the world from another’s perspective and so that they can understand themselves and other people better. I am continually filled with hope for the future when I meet the young people and educators involved with Narrative 4. They have the humanity and the skills to shape and make this world a kinder, more empathic place.”

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