Paulo Taticchi’s Tips to Building a Successful Sustainability Strategy

What Consilient Health learned when we partnered with UCL to develop our sustainability plan

 Sustainability has always been a key area of focus at Consilient Health. This is why we thought it was important to enlist the help of an expert when developing our company-wide sustainability strategy, to ensure that we got it right.

We partnered with Paulo Taticchi, Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at UCL School of Management, to help us push our sustainability agenda. We wanted to communicate all the positive things that we had achieved as a company but also set out some new plans related to sustainability for the future.

Working with Paulo, we designed an ambitious strategy for the next three years, with the intention of positioning us as sustainability leaders in our field.

We caught up with Paulo recently to discuss our partnership and listen to some of his recommended trends to embrace when building a sustainable business (many of which we have incorporated within our own sustainability strategy). Here are some of the highlighted trends from our discussion:

1. De-carbonisation

With the carbon cycle playing a key role in climate change, companies should look to measure their carbon performance as part of their sustainability strategy. As such, it’s important to have clear plans in place, not only to measure carbon performance, but also improve it moving forwards.

2. Governance

Improving governance should also be a primary focus within your sustainability strategy in order to promote transparency and accountability. This involves taking a close look at important issues within your business, such as diversity and improving representation across your senior teams.

3. Product sustainability

Consider how you can make your products more sustainable, focusing on key areas such as packaging. Aim to minimise waste by using recyclable materials and eliminating any excess, unnecessary packaging.

4. Collaboration

When building your sustainability strategy, seek advice from experts. Don’t be afraid to consult with sustainability practitioners and adopt learnings from them within your strategy. This collaborative approach could be a winning factor for your company.

Watch the video below to learn more from Paulo and find out how we partnered with him to develop our own sustainability strategy:

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